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Mission Mondays: Solo San Francisco – Part III

June 28, 2010

My plan to get to San Francisco by year’s end is materializing nicely and as of today, I’m halfway through my to-do list. I decided to travel in early September—Labor Day weekend to be precise—to spend six days in the Bay Area. After doing some quick research, I estimated that the entire trip was doable for $1,500 or less. Thanks to a flight + hotel search on, I was able to find airfare and accommodations (a non-stop flight from Newark and five nights at a boutique hotel in the city) for roughly $750. Really? I was giddy.  Thinking it was a great deal, I purchased the package promptly.

I have this bad habit of not letting sleeping dogs lie. In the days following my purchase, I continued to search for the same flight and hotel package just to be certain I really did get the best deal. I didn’t. Earlier this week for two days, the same flight and hotel package ran for approximately $70 less at $680. I was crushed. I felt like I’d been had. But then I gained a little perspective: so I didn’t get the best deal—so what? I got a really good deal, plus by purchasing earlier I was able to select my preferred seats on the flight (left side, window seat right above the wing), seats which might not have been available had I waited to purchase later. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

At any rate:

  • Non-stop flight from Newark to San Francisco? Check.
  • Over-wing window seat? Check.
  • Accommodations in the city. Check, check.

Next up: filling my frisky ‘Frisco days with fascination and fun (say that five times fast!). Suggestions are always welcome.

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