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How To Spend the Long Weekend?

June 30, 2010

AAA released its annual Fourth of July holiday projections last week in advance of the holiday weekend and it sounds like a lot of us are going to be on the road this year. Do I join the fray?

Not one to let a good long weekend go to waste, I’ve been toying with idea of traveling to Mystic, CT for the long weekend and to celebrate our nation’s independence. I’ve been attracted by Mystic and its historic seaport because of its commitment to the heritage and preservation of a distinctively American milieu. However, with my upcoming trip to San Francisco and me already on the ramen and PB&H diet to save money for it, could I—should I—go ahead with the idea of a “Connecticut quickie”? I’m not so sure.

Maybe I should play the tourist in my own hometown. The Jersey Shore gets a bad rep, but don’t believe the hype. It’s quite lovely here despite what MTV might lead you to believe. As a Shore resident for the past four years, I really haven’t taken the time to go exploring. Perhaps I should change all that this weekend and go in search of what makes Jersey unique.

More on the Jersey Shore:

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