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Friday Before the Fourth

July 2, 2010

I love Fridays for the same reason most people love Fridays—they herald the arrival of that most hallowed time of the week: the weekend (unless, of course, you work weekends and that’s another story altogether).  But even more revered, more sacred than a regular ol’ weekend is the LONG weekend. That most holy of times when a recognized federal or religious holiday extends your time away from the grind by a glorious 24 hours. That extra day elevates your weekend to a whole new level, openings up a realm of yet-to-be-explored possibilities. I just can’t wait!

I’m looking forward to wending my way around the northern part of the Jersey Shore (why is it no one ever seems to mention any place north of Asbury Park?) and taking in the Fourth of July Shore experience. Maybe I’ll head out to the beaches on Sandy Hook, take in the fireworks in Red Bank, or have a hot dog at the Windmill in Long Branch. Who knows? This weekend is ripe with possibilities and I’m going to sample as many as my senses will allow.

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