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Mission Mondays: Solo San Francisco – Part IV

July 5, 2010

Now that airfare and accommodations for my trip to San Francisco have been taken care of, I can focus on the best part of planning: how I’m going to fill those five fabulous days. After the initial euphoric rush of landing in a new place, your mind begins buzzing with the seemingly endless possibilities of being in a locale like San Francisco and the last thing you want to be is unprepared. You can become overwhelmed by choices, feel like you didn’t make the best use of your time, miss seeing and experiencing everything you really wanted to see, and leave with a general wistful malaise about how this could have been the best trip ever but wasn’t. Not this time.

First up, I stop in at the San Francisco Visitors and Convention Bureau’s website and sign up for its Twitter feed. Fresh tweets daily with local perspective about current information and specials on what’s going on in the city and beyond. Nice.

With a very limited budget, I already know that I’ll be walking a lot and dependent on public transportation for most, if not all, of my visit so I check to see if there’s some kind of unlimited fare pass I can purchase. I find something much better: the San Francisco City Pass, which for the considerably low price of $64, gives me admission to five of the city’s top attractions plus unlimited rides on the city’s Muni cable cars, street cars, and buses. It’s similar to the Montreal Museums Pass Red Card which, for three days, granted me admission to as many of that city’s thirty-plus museums as I could handle in addition to access to public transportation via the subway and bus system. I saved roughly half of what I would have spent if I’d purchased admission tickets and public transportation separately during that trip, so I know the City Pass is a good option for me.

Attractions included with the City Pass:

As someone who enjoys visiting museums, this list seems like it’s right up my alley. While I may or may not visit all of these attractions, collectively they provide a starting point for what I’m hoping will be one of my most memorable trips yet.

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  1. September 1, 2010 9:01 pm

    Tip: If you go to the Academy of Science, you probably don’t need to go to Aquarium of the Bay. I’ve never been to that Aquarium, but I have been to the Academy multiple times, and they have a great aquarium there.

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