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Travel + Leisure’s Best Countries for Solo Travelers

July 16, 2010

Still, there are two concerns for many solo travelers. The first is safety: the simple fact is that there are countries that are statistically safer than others for travelers.

The second concern is a bit less tangible but just as critical: is the country you’ve chosen a happy place? Is it a country where you’ll be made to feel welcome, a nation where you can easily interact with the locals, where conversation flows easily even if you’re struggling with a new language? For truly rewarding solo travel, it’s crucial that you can connect with the culture and not feel like an outsider.

So says Travel + Leisure’s recent article Best Countries for Solo Travelers. And while I’d agree that yes, safety is often the number one concern for solo travelers, I’d argue that right up there on the list of concerns is cost. I’d guesstimate that the average solo traveler isn’t independently wealthy, so visiting a country like Bhutan (#3 on the list), where it apparently costs a minimum of $200 a day just to visit, puts it squarely out of reach for most solo travelers. I’d love to see another list like this, but one that incorporates affordability into the equation.

As a solo traveler, which is the most important to you when choosing your next destination? Safety? Happiness? Affordability? Interest? Inquiring minds want to know.

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