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Mission Mondays: Solo San Francisco – Part VII

July 26, 2010

The countdown is really, truly on. Last night I realized that in 5 weeks, I’ll be hopping on a plane for my annual visit to the West Coast. San Francisco, here I come!


My itinerary is filling up fast. There really is so much to do and see and I want to experience as much of it as I can. In my “Mission Mondays” post from last week, I touched briefly on a few of the historic sites I’d like to see. Alcatraz (which I didn’t mention last week) is on the top of the list, because apparently no visit to San Francisco is complete without a foray to “The Rock.” The ferry line (and folks, don’t be deceived—only Alcatraz Cruises actually takes you to Alcatraz, not just around it) offers a night cruise to the famous former federal penitentiary, upping the spooky factor. The cruises out to Alcatraz fill up in advance so you have to buy your tickets a couple of days before you plan on making the trip. The best advice I’ve read about planning a trip to Alcatraz is to base your travel day on the weather forecast. Although the weather is supposed to be fairly nice in September, it can change in a heartbeat with rough waters, dense fog, and cold winds escorting you across the bay. In the week before I fly out, I’ll make a decision about when to ferry over to Alcatraz and buy my tickets then. “The Rock” is simply something I don’t want to miss.

Two of the attractions I’m most excited about visiting are the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the California Academy of Sciences, both included with the purchase of the San Francisco City Pass. Being from the New York Metropolitan area, I’m used to going to museums like the MoMA and the American Museum of Natural History, so it will be interesting to see how these West Coast counterparts compare. One of the coolest events I’ve come upon so far is Cal Academy’s NightLife—an evening of entertainment, cocktails, and science held at the Academy each Thursday night. How cool is that? (ETA: check NightLife reviews on Yelp) I’m also stoked to visit the Legion of Honor and the De Young, San Francisco’s fine arts museums. They’re both situated in Golden Gate Park so visiting them will give me an opportunity to see the Park as well. **(Edited: The deYoung is in Golden Gate Park while the Legion of Honor is in? at? the Presidio)**

Suddenly 120 hours doesn’t seem like enough….. 

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