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Weekend Intelligence: September 25, 2010

September 25, 2010

Summer is officially over and my favorite season, fall, is upon us. Time to curl up with a blanket, a warm drink (tea, coffee, hot toddy—your choice) and this weekend’s intelligence.

  • The autumnal equinox occurred this week, so you know what that means—leaf-peeping season is upon us. Plan on checking out the vibrant reds, oranges, and golds of fall on these scenic drives.
So long, Continental

So long, Continental

  • So long, Continental–it’s been real: The United and Continental merger was finalized earlier this week and soon, within the next couple of months or so, Continental airplanes will begin bearing United’s livery. I’ve been flying Continental almost exclusively for the last six years, so I’m anxious to see what this change brings. If you’re a dedicated Continental or United customer, check out what has to say about what the merger will mean to you.
  • Hoofing it on holiday: For travelers on a budget, the ability to get from place to place at your next destination without a rental car is a must. That’s why finding this list of the best walking cities totally made my day.

On Monday: Solo Savannah – Part II, in which I navigate traveling during one of the most expensive times of the year–Thanksgiving. Can I make it work on my budget?

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