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Destination Savannah: Single Occupancy’s Proven Performer Awards

December 2, 2010

While I decompress from my six-day whirlwind tour of Savannah and prepare to compose a coherent blog post summarizing my visit to that breathtakingly beautiful city, I’d like to take a moment to commend some of the players who made my time in Savannah run so smoothly. So, without further ado, Single Occupancy’s Proven Performer Awards for my trip to Savannah:

  • Savannah Area Convention and Visitors Bureau – While I’m sure I’ll never get over the disappointment of the canceled Holly Days Wine Tasting due to bad weather (what’s a few raindrops when there’s wine to be tasted and good times to be had?), the staff does a bang-up job of promoting Savannah as a destination. Special thanks to Amy Brock who keeps the tweets at the @VisitSavannah Twitter feed hopping with things to do, places to go, and people to see. Some of my most memorable Savannah moments were gleaned from 140 characters. If you’re planning on visiting Savannah, follow the feed and watch your travel plans come to life with ideas and inspiration.
  • The Tea Room, Savannah –This warm and comfortable establishment nestled behind a fairly low-key storefront on Broughton Street felt a little bit like magic. Calming, civilizing, and just plain cozy, I practically teared up when it was time for me to leave. Highly recommended for your first (or next) stop in Savannah.
  • Groupon – Traveling to Savannah was my first experience using Groupons and I’m happy to say the experiment went swimmingly. Cutting my costs on a variety of expenses from meals to tours, Groupon helped keep my budget in check while granting me some pricier opportunities I might not have otherwise been able to afford.

Thanks to Groupon, I sampled some seriously delectable meals in Savannah, like braised veal cheeks at the swanky new Savannah restaurant Broughton & Bull.

  • Lands’ End Canvas Slub Cotton Scarf – At 24 inches wide and 72 inches long, this supple cotton scarf not only brightened up my décolletage, but it also (almost) worked as a blanket on the 15-hour train ride back home. Stylish and lightweight, yet substantial, comfy, and versatile, it kept me one step ahead of the game when Savannah’s weather kept me guessing (I’m resisting the urge to buy a few more!).
  • Skechers Organic Sport Oxfords—It was a last minute decision to refresh my footwear before the trip but I’m so glad I decided on these shoes. Athletic with feminine styling, plus traction for off-road adventures, these sporty and comfortable kicks kept me on my feet without making me look like I’d just stepped out of the gym.
  • AAA – Discount on my Amtrak ticket? Check. On my hotel room? Check. On the entry fee to the Telfair Museums? Check, check. Every year, I deliberate about whether I should renew my membership and every year my AAA card keeps giving me reasons to come back. The savings really do add up and enable me to keep on doing the thing I love most: travel.

My full Savannah recap is coming up next week. Stay tuned! Until then, feel free to share your own travel accolades in the comments. It’s great to hear about products that work wonderfully for travel and services that are doing it right. Spread the love!

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